Chaosium Begins Kickstarter Project

Chaosium, the main publishers of The Call of Cthulhu, have often come under fire for lack of quality control when it comes to reprinting their old books.  Instead of taking the opportunity to go through fixing old errors and tying up decades old plot holes, they often just slap a new cover on it and call it a day.  Sometimes they might add a piece of artwork or two.  Overall, it is sometimes easier to just go through Amazon and Ebay to find a cheaper second-hand copy (I also happen to like their older covers myself).

It looks like they won’t be going that route with their reprint of Horror on the Orient Express.  They have begun a Kickstarter project to put together a box set for this most famous of RPG campaigns.  For anyone who isn’t familiar with Horror on the Orient Express, the campaign takes a group of 1920s investigators (COC’s term for adventurers/player characters) on a trip across Europe to assemble an ancient statue that is scattered across the continent.  The statue may be the focus for an ancient evil and there are several groups that can not wait to get their hands on this artifact.  From London to Turkey, the investigators must travel on the Orient Express to collect the pieces and out race their enemies who will be hot on their heels.  The campaign was such a success that it won two Origin Awards for ‘Best Role Playing Adventure’ and ‘Best Graphic Presentation’.  It was also released in Italy in a beautiful hardcover volume.  

If you were ever interested in playing The Call of Cthulhu, I recommend that you find someone running this campaign.  It has a wonderful gothic horror feel to it and the challenges go beyond merely surviving alien horrors.  Its challenges not only involve dodging and fighting the cults that are chasing after you, players will also have to make sure they don’t miss each leg of their journey and try to not draw attention to themselves while dealing with the social issues that 1920s travelers might face.

Check this campaign out and, if you can, maybe throw a dollar or two at it.  I know I am.

The Kickstarter can be found here: Horror on the Orient Express