Mad About the Boy

LARP (Live Action Roleplay)  is a hobby where in the players assume the role of a character.  Unlike tabletop, the action is typically in real time and everything is improvised.  While there may be a plot, the people who run the game only have so much control over the players.  Much less so then in a tabletop game.  If tabletop RPGs are like playing a novel, LARP is like playing the movie version.

Lizzie Stark and First Person Entertainment (owners of Doomsday; check it out!) are running a very special LARP called Mad About the Boy.  Mad About the Boy is inspired by the graphic novel series, Y: The Last Man.  In that series, everyone on Earth with a Y chromosome is killed off leaving women the sole inheritors of the Earth.  Mad About the Boy uses the exact same premise as women attempt to repopulate the earth.  The government has announced that they are in possession of a bit of sperm and that one lucky group of women will be allowed access to it.  This sets up the game in which different triads of women show up and start competing to get their hands on it.  The purpose of this game is not just for entertainment, but it a workshop on dealing with the many emotions and complex feelings that can arise from such a situation.

As a transwoman, I am very excited to see what sort of feelings might arise from participating.  Me and Lizzie Stark had a chat about this months ago and it was her who extended the invitation to any transwoman or genderqueer individual who wished to participate.  Tonight, at midnight, is the last day to register and I really recommend you check it out.  I’ll post more about it after the event itself.


Sign up is here: Mad About the Boy 





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