Welcome to ‘Worshiping Satan and Other Wholesome Hobbies’.  I’m sure a lot, okay maybe most, of you are asking about the name.  No, I’m not a devil worshiper.  No, I don’t sacrifice babies to a dark Master (or Mistress).  The name comes from the Dungeons & Dragon scare of the 1970s and 80s.  It was a time when certain organizations, such as BADD (Bothered About Dungeons & Dragons), accused the game of hooking teenagers on drugs, sex and Satanism.  Of course we now know all of this to be a crock of shit.  However, at the time, a lot of older gamers still remember this.

Thankfully I’m young enough to have just narrowly missed this literal witch hunt.  I vaguely remember my mom warning me when I first told her I started playing in a Dungeons & Dragon game at school (Catholic school funny enough).  She said something along the lines of, “Be careful.  People who play that came sometimes can’t tell the difference between reality and fantasy.”  Oddly enough, my favorite RPG (The Call of Cthulhu) never achieved the level of paranoia that D&D inspired.  The only flack I got from my parents was my dad thinking that H.P. Lovecraft’s works were bodice ripper novels due to the author’s name.  Yeah, that one got old fast.

What about those other “wholesome” hobbies I mentioned?  While playing and writing RPGS is my number one hobby, it is not the only aspect of myself that makes me me.  I am a member of the LGBT community.  Or more accurately, I’m a member of the LBT community.  I am a transwoman, a bit of a feminist and a bit of a student of Sappho.  I’m not ashamed of any of these things and I am not above talking about them in my blog.  If this offends you, than this blog might not be for you.

The main focus of this blog will be to talk about my writing.  Recently, I have begun a career as a freelancer for ‘Call of Cthulhu’.  Currently I am in talks with a few Cthulhu publishers who will remain nameless until all the fine little legal bits are worked out.  I will also discuss other future writing projects of mine including my thoughts on the hobby and the work of other authors.  I will also discuss film; I have a Bachelor’s in Media Production and I’m going to use it!

So welcome!  Please make yourself at home.


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