Pagan Publishing Announces Re-Release of OOP Books

Anyone who has played Call of Cthulhu is familiar with Pagan Publishing.  For many years, they have printed some of the highest quality books for The Call of Cthulhu.  Whether it was the story, the art or just the general quality of their books, they have consistently been ahead of their game.  The only complaints from fans was the wait between each book and the lack of reprints.  That is changing as of today.

Pagan Publishing announced toward that they have released several of their harder to find books from their Delta Green line on  Now these hard to find books are available for reasonable prices.  You can choose between a pdf or POD (print on demand) copy.  Before today, the only way to find these books was to either get lucky or pay outrageous 3rd party dealer prices (we’re talking about several hundred dollars here).

If you aren’t familiar with Delta Green and enjoy modern conspiracy horror than check it out.  The entire line brings Cthulhu to the present day, infusing the game with a healthy dose of paranoia.  In the Delta Green universe, one can never be sure about who they should trust.  The people you work for may not have your best interests at heart and they could be the goods guys!  Difficult decisions must be made and the ultimate question stands: just what would you sacrifice to give the Earth at least one more day?

“But isn’t Delta Green just S.H.I.E.L.D. with tentacles?”  Oh, hell no.  It is far more than that.  You are not part of some big budget, top secret, James Bond style organization.  You are part of a non-existent, top secret group that could easily be torn apart by anyone who digs too deep.  Your group is so poor that the only way to get equipment is to steal it from your own job and hope no one catches you.  Delta Green agents must constantly ask themselves what is more important: their career, their family or giving up all of these to save the world from unspeakable evils from behind the stars.  Delta Green agents don’t retire.  They are chewed up and spit out, resources that must be used to stop the world from going up in flames.  It isn’t a glamorous or glorious job.  It is the life of someone who knows that the only way to stop something terrible from clawing up out of the ground is to drive that flaming school bus right into it while calling up their spouse to say goodbye.  Sometimes they don’t even get that one last goodbye.  In fact, Delta Green isn’t even an authorized organization.  They have gone rogue, making a pact to push the darkness back day by day.  They manipulate the U.S. governments bureaucracy in a desperate attempt to do what no one else will (or can) do.

“But doesn’t Delta Green just ignore Lovecraft’s work?”  No where close.  Delta Green builds its universe off of Lovecraft’s original story.  In fact, the original Delta Green organization was started after the 1928 Raid on Innsmouth (The Shadow Over Innsmouth).  It consitently makes references to old Call of Cthulhu campaigns and Lovecraft’s original stories.  It also draws from the Mythos stories of Ramsey Campbell, Robert Chambers, Robert E. Howard and Clark Ashton Smith.  It is firmly set in the world of Lovecraft’s stories.

Check these books out, especially if you love Lovecraftian gaming.  You will not be disappointed.


Delta Green:    “Deception is a right.  Truth is a privilege.  Innocence is a luxury.”

Pagan Publishing:


Penguin Decides to Exploit New Writers for Money They Don’t Have

     If there was one lesson that I took away from my screen writing classes, it was this: No legit agent will make you pay anything to read your script.  They may want a percentage of any profit from selling it but if you’re not making money on that script, neither is your agent.  This means that it is in your agent’s best interest to help you market and sell your screenplay.  In the words of Max Bialystock (from Mel Brook’s The Producers), “NEVER PUT YOUR OWN MONEY INTO THE SHOW!”

     Penguin Publishing seems to have missed this little tidbit of wisdom.  Or rather, they are hoping that new and desperate writers have never heard that wise piece of advice.  Not content with just e-book price fixing; Penguin has bought a company known as Author Solutions which specializes in exploiting new writers.  Author Solutions claims that for a large sum of money ($1,199), they can set new authors up with a “web-optimized press release”.  They have also been tied to claims that they don’t pay their writers, hard sell overpriced services and provide shoddy customer service to their clients.  Their entire business model is built around exploiting the writers who are new to the field.  The writer may be desperate to get published.  All they have to do is give Author Solutions a sum of money and they will be published writers.  On top of all those fees though, Author Solutions takes a large percentage of money from the author’s book profits.  In some cases, they take about 50% of the writer’s profits.  Sometimes more.

     Trying to get published can suck.  It really does.  Hell; I am deep in negations with a publisher on a gaming book and while it is going well, it is moving slower than an ice glacier.  However, NEVER PUT YOUR OWN MONEY FORWARD!  There are plenty of legit ways to get published.  Read submission guidelines to publishers.  Look at sites such as Lulu or Amazon.  Network.  Write reviews.  Freelance.  Get your name out there.  Just don’t put your own money forward to a company which will use you and spit you out.


Original article on Penguin buying Author Solutions:




Welcome to ‘Worshiping Satan and Other Wholesome Hobbies’.  I’m sure a lot, okay maybe most, of you are asking about the name.  No, I’m not a devil worshiper.  No, I don’t sacrifice babies to a dark Master (or Mistress).  The name comes from the Dungeons & Dragon scare of the 1970s and 80s.  It was a time when certain organizations, such as BADD (Bothered About Dungeons & Dragons), accused the game of hooking teenagers on drugs, sex and Satanism.  Of course we now know all of this to be a crock of shit.  However, at the time, a lot of older gamers still remember this.

Thankfully I’m young enough to have just narrowly missed this literal witch hunt.  I vaguely remember my mom warning me when I first told her I started playing in a Dungeons & Dragon game at school (Catholic school funny enough).  She said something along the lines of, “Be careful.  People who play that came sometimes can’t tell the difference between reality and fantasy.”  Oddly enough, my favorite RPG (The Call of Cthulhu) never achieved the level of paranoia that D&D inspired.  The only flack I got from my parents was my dad thinking that H.P. Lovecraft’s works were bodice ripper novels due to the author’s name.  Yeah, that one got old fast.

What about those other “wholesome” hobbies I mentioned?  While playing and writing RPGS is my number one hobby, it is not the only aspect of myself that makes me me.  I am a member of the LGBT community.  Or more accurately, I’m a member of the LBT community.  I am a transwoman, a bit of a feminist and a bit of a student of Sappho.  I’m not ashamed of any of these things and I am not above talking about them in my blog.  If this offends you, than this blog might not be for you.

The main focus of this blog will be to talk about my writing.  Recently, I have begun a career as a freelancer for ‘Call of Cthulhu’.  Currently I am in talks with a few Cthulhu publishers who will remain nameless until all the fine little legal bits are worked out.  I will also discuss other future writing projects of mine including my thoughts on the hobby and the work of other authors.  I will also discuss film; I have a Bachelor’s in Media Production and I’m going to use it!

So welcome!  Please make yourself at home.